Papers of BAS



The voice of Orpheus (Schol. Eur. Hec. 1267), or once more about the worn out thresholds of some subtumular constructions - Vanya Lozanova-Stancheva / 3 / Download pdf

Some historiographical notes on the correlation between Huns and H[s]iung-nu Valery Stoyanow Stoyanow / 20 / Download pdf

Evidentiality in modern Bulgarian language - Krasimira Aleksova / 31 / Download pdf

Structural shapes and patterns of choreographic direction in the art of ballet (19th-21st centuries) - Anelia Yaneva / 47 / Download pdf

First impressions in Internet and face-to-face communication: A conceptual comparative analysis - Elena Tsankova / 64 / Download pdf

Importance of education for preservation and promotion of ecotourism values of national parks: Case-study of Shebenik National Park in Albania - Etleva Muça, Zenepe Dafku, Albana Gjoniça, Zenepe Dafku, Albana Gjoni / 75 / Download pdf

Temporary protection in Bulgaria and the implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive 2001/55/EC of 21 July 2001 in relationship with the war in Ukraine - Irena Ilieva / 88 / Download pdf