Papers of BAS

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Papers of BAS. Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol. 8, 2021, No. 2

Online labour consultations

as a space for everyday civic engagement

in modern Bulgarian society

Petya Klimentova

Abstract. This article highlights the results from a research of modern alternative forms of civic engagement in the area of labour that emerge, manifest themselves and develop with no in-betweens such as unions, companies, employers’, non-governmental or any other organizations. The subject of this research are the free consultations in a Bulgarian Internet forum on labour matters. The analysis shows that an individual labour case would give rise to some acts of civic behaviour (free consultations) as it generates informal voluntary social relationships connected with standing a certain position supportive to another/the others. The thesis defended herein is that such relationships would transform the virtual space into an efficient space of everyday civic engagement and civic culture.

Keywords: everyday civic engagement, online consultations, labour