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Papers of BAS. Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol. 9, 2022, No. 1

Late Neolithic white-painted pottery from the ritual complexes

of Kapitan Andreevo and Lyubimets-Dana bunar 2, Southeastern Bulgaria

Galina Samichkova


Abstract. This article presents a specific technological type of ornamentation widespread in the ceramic assemblages from the Late Neolithic complexes of Kapitan Andreevo and Lyubimets-Dana bunar 2 in Southeastern Bulgaria. This type is the Late Neolithic white-painted pottery.

On both sites, patterns with white paint have been found on various categories of ware, and most often they have been applied on the outer surface of bowls and pots. Decoration displays linear elements often forming angle-shaped, rhomboid and netlike motifs. White-painted patterns are also found combined with red-painted, fluting, stabbed or incised decoration.

There are two main areas in which white-painted ornamentation was widespread during the late 6th millennium and the early 5th millennium BC - to the south, in the region of the Aegean islands, and to the north - along the middle courses of the rivers Maritsa and Tundzha.

Keywords: Late Neolithic, pottery, white-painted