Papers of BAS

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Papers of BAS. Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol. 7, 2020, No. 1

Comparative analysis of best practices in organizational consulting

in a cross-cultural context 

with focus on the IT, telecommunications and outsourcing sector

Bilyana Lyubomirova

Abstract. The paper explores and analyses different cross-cultural practices used in organizational consulting. First, a short overview of the concept of organizational consulting is presented, followed by various techniques on how to better understand and apply organizational consulting in a cross-cultural environment. The development of the main aspects of the process in the dynamics of today’s workplace is traced. The consulting process is viewed from a cross-cultural perspective. Employee’s and manager’s perceptions of the consulting process are also considered as part of creating the relationships and synthesis between the consultants and those being consulted. This is considered crucial for the forming of effective work relationships between consultants and clients. Furthermore, an in-depth examination and comparative analysis of best practices used by different businesses and companies operating in the international arena have been conducted. Knowledge management as well as competitive intelligence strategies have also been explored. All of this is proof for the complexity of the consulting cycle. For an organizational consulting to be effective, a mentoring and enhancement based process is required through which consultants aim to coach their clients and teach them to use the appropriate means when managing their organizations. As a result of the theoretical review and comparative analyses, an attempt is made to frame guidelines on a successful organizational consulting model for a cross-cultural environment.

Key words: organizational consulting, cross-cultural practices, knowledge management, cross-cultural environment