Papers of BAS




Bulgaria and the beginning of Slavic literature - Vanya Micheva, Elka Mircheva, Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova  / 3 / Download PDF

The Corpus of Spoken Bulgarian - Yovka Tisheva, Marina Dzhonova, Kjetil Rå Hauge / 20 / Download PDF

Ethnocultural symbolism as a research tool for identity issues in a “global village” - Elya Tzaneva / 29 / Download PDF

Internet and cultural transmission: The case of indigenous and immigrant communities in New Jersey, USA - Iveta Pirgova / 41 / Download PDF

Methodological challenges in assessing social quality of buildings - Vesselina Penevska / 62 / Download PDF

Population aged 25-34 years in Bulgaria: Structural changes and participation in education and training - Margarita Atanassova, Kremena Borissova-Marinova / 73 / Download PDF

Mechanisms of exclusion and coping strategies in the professional realization of young Roma in Bulgaria - Katerina Katsarska, Miladina Monova / 89 / Download PDF

Human rights protection in the European Union: Is the European Ombudsman lagging behind? - Diana Kovatcheva  / 103 / Download PDF